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Raids 1 Guide

Sunday, 10 July 2022, Views: 3,010

Raids 1 guide for Torva

In this guide we will be going over how to get to raids 1, the requirements for the raid, and how to complete it.

To start off you will need at least level 70 knowledge and 1400 gear score, this will put you in the easy category of raids with the boss hp and you will be in this bracket until 2100 gear score. This difficulty has the lowest drop chance for raids. 

Medium difficulty is from 2100 gear score to 2800 gear score, enemies will have higher health in this difficulty but the chance to receive rare loot from the chest will be higher than easy difficulty.

Hard difficulty is from 2800 gear score and up, this will be the highest difficulty as enemies will have even more health than medium but hard mode also has the highest chance of receiving a rare drop.

Health scaling of bosses also increases depending on how many players are in your raid team. Here is the table of the scaling.

Now that difficulties have been explained let’s actually get into a raid. To get to raids you can either type ::raids or access it via minigames in the teleports interface. From there you can speak to the raids master to begin.

When you talk to the raids master an interface will pop up just like this one

From here you can create a party and invite up to 3 people. Raids can be done solo but if your gear score isn’t very high you may struggle a bit and need some help. Since we’re focusing on raids 1 we will be creating a party and selecting forgotten keep, click start raids to begin.

When you enter you will come across your first boss, the “Ring Master”.

The Ring Master can disable your prayers so always check to make sure your soulsplit is up! The Ring Master also has a special ability where he summons purple fire just like this, he will use this ability every few seconds, so make sure you stay out of it if you want to stay alive!

The second ability the ring master has is he is able to summon 2 minions, both of these minions will heal him, so if you cannot out-damage their healing I highly recommend killing them first as the boss will just regain health constantly.

After killing the Ring Master proceed East and go through the heavy door, after going down the hall you will then find an npc called the “Zombie Queen Follower”. (This can be skipped if you have Ring Master pet) You need to sneak past this npc when they are not looking. If you fail you will be sent back to the beginning of the hallway. It is recommended that you stand on the closest tile you can before you are seen like this.

From there follow them until you get to the second alcove, run inside before they turn around so they won’t spot you. You can run past as soon as they pass you to make it to the next boss.

Boss 2 will be the Zombie Queen, just like the first boss she can disable your prayer so be sure to keep it up at all times! The Zombie Queen has 2 special abilities, the first one being circles that appear on the ground, you will want to avoid standing on these as they will instantly kill you if you don’t move in time. 

The second ability she has is the ability to rain meteors from the sky, just like the circles. If you do not move in time you will be instantly killed, I recommend angling your camera in a way you are able to see whether you will be hit or not. 

After killing the second boss you will find a well in the room that you can use to take you straight to the third boss.

The third boss seems to be the easiest of the bunch, as you can move 2 tiles to the left of the start and avoid most of the special attacks he will do.

The first attack he will do is an “H” shaped pattern on the floor, you can easily avoid this by standing in this spot.

The second ability he has is a yellow cross that can also be avoided by standing in this spot. 

The third ability he has is a freezing orb, this will appear under you and will instantly kill you if you do not move fast enough, it is recommended that you move one tile to the right and then back to the left one tile to your original position during this ability.

After exiting the third boss through the dark stairs you will come to 2 hallways the short one being a fence that you can hop over, this requires Bob The Blob pet. If you do not have Bob, continue right and follow the hall until the fourth and final boss.

Our last boss will be Bob The Blob, he has a few mechanics that take some getting used to but overall he is fairly easy to learn. He has 4 main abilities that he uses. When you enter the room you will want to pick up the “Staff of the rocks” that is laying on the floor, this will be used for the first phase of the fight.

For the first phase I recommend standing behind the second left pillar just like this.

From here you can attack the boss, after a few hits the boss will slam down in the middle of the room deactivating your prayers, you will not be able to reactivate them until you use this pool in the southwest corner of the room.

After reactivating your prayers you can switch back to your main weapon and continue the fight.

Bob has the ability to freeze you in place just like the third boss, so just move one tile away and move back to avoid getting hit.

Bob’s third move is a big explosion that covers a lot of the map, it can be easily avoided once you learn where the lines pass.

Bob’s fourth ability is just like the second bosses meteor attacks, they mainly stay near him and can be easily avoided if you stay south of the boss after using the pool.

After you kill the 4th boss you’re done! You can leave through the north west portal, this will return you to the raids room right in front of the chest.

The mega drops from this chest are bonds, omega pet boxes, and the tier 20 raids armours (oracle mage, sinister range and fury melee gear, all upgradable to tier 31). Also available is the Bob the Blob pet and the Ring Master pet.

Written by C.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your raiding from the Torva Team <3

From Torva Staff Team