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Torva Starter Guide

Saturday, 02 July 2022, Views: 9,316

Ask a Staff Member for HELP with ::help or type "/" before you type in the chat box.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -[Short Guide]- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

::new | ::blood | ::prog | ::pass
::mods | ::upgrade | ::town | ::t16

All Gear in Torva have Tiers, higher the tier the more stats.

Each equipment slot gives the same stat bonuses
 just having a weapon won't get you far!

  - - - Finish Tutorial Zones(Completed Once) - - -

Sacrifice Extra Gear at ::blood(Buy Damage Orb)
- Acquire better gear from ::t16 Shop(250mill per piece)
- Slayer Tasks - Start with easy/meds until close to full T16 Set
  - Complete Townhall Tasks ::Town (refresh every 3 Hours)
- Purchase T11 Ring and T5 Aura from Slayer Shop
- ::upgrade gear, upgrade ::mods(luck/power), ::Prog(Bonds)
- Raid Gear-score Goal: 1700 - 2190 (*Careful of ::well Bonuses*)
- Buy Infinite Overload + Tier Inc Pot and ::upgrade to Godly Potion
- ::raid completions unlock Essence Bosses!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Starter Guide

When you join Torva for the first time things might be a little confusing. This guide will get you set up to the point where you will be able to do your first raids!

Once you create your account you’ll be greeted with the new player screen, this will have you make a selection on what starting armor you would like (only a cosmetic difference). You will also be given the choice of choosing a patron, This will be Reno (range), Ophilia (mage) And Ludo (melee). Each one of these options gives specific bonuses to using that attack style (these can always be changed, but at the cost of 250m).

After your character is created try out the command ::new ! This will get you started with a t11 weapon in the attack style of your choice, be wary though as it will degrade in 5000 hits, so make sure you have a backup weapon!

Voting is a great way to get ahead, you’ll receive vote keys which can be used in the home bank and also starter keys which can give up to tier 4 gear! You also have a chance at a Runelocus box, these can hold some great prizes like free card flips and slot tokens!

Be sure to grab your daily attendance rewards! They offer great bonuses just for logging in daily! The npc is located right next to the slayer tent. Near the slayer master you might also see 2 extra npcs there, this being the pvm shop in which you can spend pvm points to buy upgrades and other various items, across from the pvm shop is the scroll shop, here you will spend scrolls of efficiency on blood shard boxes.

We also host boss of the day, in which a boss will be set and whoever gets the most kills for that boss are rewarded, rewards are anything from bonds (for top killers) to blood shard boxes and slot tokens (for spots 4-20 on leaderboard). This npc can be found directly behind the slayer tent.

Every 90 minutes we also have a rotating global boss, accessed by using ::GB he drops cash and also has the chance to drop perk points which can be spent at ::shops to purchase perks. He also gives one boss point which can be spent at the boss points shop next to the GB portal.

After you get some gear upgrades and start progressing you’ll notice you’ll run into the requirement of needing blood sacrifices. A blood sacrifice is where you donate extra gear to the blood pool located at ::blood. After a certain amount of items worth 2m blood shards ::expansion will open, inside expansion is enemies that scale to your max hit/gearscore, loot from them also scales (drop rate does not affect expansion drops)

You might also notice you have acquired Knowledge gems and protection gems, these will be used at ::modifiers, for a guide on the knowledge skill Click here.

Each zone you do also has a progression log, as you complete zones you will be able to claim rewards, these scale depending on the tier of zone you are in. To access the progression log click the teleport spell in the spell book, in the bottom right corner you can access the progression log. Completing progression logs also gives 2% dr per zone.  (this is very handy as it also gives bonuses for you to use, accessible through the town hall.)

Here you will be told what is required to complete the progression log and the reward for finishing it.

The town hall also will give you new tasks to do every 3 hours, this is located right next to the home teleport and will be very useful while you progress through the game, so be sure to check it and see if you can complete any of the tasks available to you!

As you kill enemies you may notice you are receiving starter tokens, I recommend at least having soul split before attempting these. You’ll receive 2m cash and a starter key for each kill, the starter boss also has some special drops on his table which are very rare but if you get lucky they will be very useful! Starter keys can be used on the chest right next to the Town Hall.

Upgrading is a huge part of Torva and you’ll be using it a lot throughout your time on Torva, to access the upgrades menu click the checklist. and then click upgrade items.Every upgrade will have a certain upgrade chance and list of items/cash needed. 

Once you reach 1200 gear score you will be able to enter the blood arena! You’ll face waves of enemies, they get harder as waves progress so try your hardest to make it to the end.  This is very useful for obtaining t18 gear which will help kickstart raids for you! He’s located right next to the Town Hall.

Thanks for reading this guide, if you have any questions feel free to ask in clan chat or pm a staff member! We are always happy to help! 

From Torva Staff Team