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Christmas Update #17

Tuesday, 13 December 2022, Views: 1,912

Let loose for this update, unreal amount of additions and changes to every single part of Torva!


A Completely New PVM Skill that affects every facet of the game!

While Farming Any Npc in the game you'll have a chance to drop Alchemy Ingredients.
90 Alchemy required to create High Tier Potions*

NATURE - natural type ingredients like fish/herbs
Used to create Damage Elixers

IDOL - Religious Object Ingedient
Used to create Coin and Aggro Pots

Low Quality Ingredients: Low Elixers
Drop from Every Npc in the game. Once your character
is past 1999 Gearscore these quality ingredients Stop Dropping.

Medium Quality Ingredients: Mid Elixers
At 2000 Gearscore Med Quality replaces Low Quality,
 and every npc in the game can drop these.

High Quality Ingredients: High Elixers
Dropped by npcs T30+ Npcs Only!

Low/Medium Quality Vials

Dropped by any every npc in the game
Additional Med Vials added to Raid 1 and 2 Drops

High Quality Vials

Sacred Vials(HQ) - Damage Elixer
Dropped by T40 Token Boss, Sacred Minigame Shop, T36+ Npcs, Raids 2

Gold Vials(HQ) - Coins/Aggro Elixers
Dropped by Global Boss, Vote Boss, T40 Token Boss, Sacred Minigame Shop, Raids 2

Overall this is a simple pvm skill i believe fits right into Torva and has the potential to be expanded on!


Sacred Global Drop Table

Torva's New Global Droptable
While farming any NPC in the game you will always have a chance to drop 
loads of extra rewards! 

Note* Some early drops get removed as u get higher gearscore as to not flood
the economy.


COMMON 1/(1-500)
Low Quality Alch Ingredients
Scroll of Loot
Weapon Box Low
Knowledge Gems 10-20
Starter Key

UNCOMMON 1/(500-1200)

Single Card Pack
Coins Slot Ticket
500 Pvm Points Scroll
Weapon box High
Zone 2 Key
Small Shard Box

RARE 1/1200+
Sacred Key
Townhall Refresh Token
Member Point
T18 Boss Token

1000 Gearscore Requirement
Additional Drops with lower rate*
Scroll of Loot
Coin Slot token
Sacred Key
townhall refresh
T18 Token Boss
Perk Point

2000 Gearscore Requirement
Medium Quality Ingredients
Pure Essence (Conversion + point)
Coin Slot Prime
Medium Blood shard Box
T18 Token Boss
Member point

3000 Gearscore Requirement
T25 Boss Token
Bond Slot Token

4000 Gearscore Requirement
Sacred Essence
Upgrade Ticket(u)
T25 Boss Token
Sacred Pet (1/100,000)




30% Base Damage+35% Damage vs Creatures in raids 2

Ice Mammoth pet

Auto skips mammoth trap room

Icy Gecko Pet

When summoned while fighting the final boss of raid 2
  Your damage Increases over time until the raid is finished.
15 seconds - 1%
30 seconds - 2%
45 seconds - 4%
60 seconds - 8%
75 seconds- 16%
90 seconds- 32%

Base Damage: 45% all styles


Upgraded from Icy Gecko, Mammoth, and Dino Pets. Upgrade interface

Base 50% Dmg all styles
35% additional damage vs creatures in raids 2
auto skip mammoth room
Icy Gecko effect


How to obtain

T40 boss Token
Sacred Drop Table

10% True Droprate(lowers actual DR of drops by %) on T36-T39 npcs
Base 60% Damage all styles
Base 50 Droprate

Eternal Pet

Obtained by Combining Rayquaza, Ice Dragon, and Sacred Pet Together

All pet effects included
Base 80% Damage
Base 80 Droprate


Sacred Minigame Rework

-All requirements removed from attacking bosses and minions
-Damage Cap introduced to add easier scalability!
-Boss Animations and gfx Fixed

-Map slightly redesigned

-Perm 5% Coin Increase Scroll for 1000 Points added to shop
-Perm 15 Droprate Increase Scroll for 600 Points added to shop

-- Omega Raids Event Minigame Reward --

Upon completion of Sacred minigame there is a chance
to drop a Bonus Raids Event Scroll.

When activated, for 30 Minutes all raids 1+2 Completed
will drop an omega raids key with the best rates ingame. (No penalty for death)

-- Omega Expansion Event Minigame Reward --

Also dropped at a chance after a successful completion of the sacred minigame!

This will Automatically open expansion for 30 minutes
Bonuses During Event
Kill Speed Increased!
Droprates Buffed!

Ciel Animations Fixed



A treasure hording fiend roams the lands.
Be the first to find him and reap the rewards.

A hint will be automatically given after 1 minute!


Premium Membership Rank

A 30 Day Membership with Amazing Benefits

All $2500 Rank Benefits Active
5% True Droprate Affecting ALL npc droprates.
Daily Care Packages consisting of random boxes/rewards
from Free Gachas to Free raid keys and much more!
5% Coin Increase 
5% tribrid Damage Increase
5% Damage Bonus in Raids
10 Droprate Bonus
+ 3 Bonus Pvm Point per npc kill

Purchased from the ::store



Raid 1
Easy Raids now has a Diminishing Damage Bonus(Gearscore Based)

1400 25% dmg boost
1500 20% dmg boost
1600 15% dmg boost
1700 10% dmg boost
1800 5% dmg boost
1900 0% dmg boost

Additional Drop of Both Bob and Key pet added 
at a 1/125 chance to drop when completing raid 1

Upon completion of either raids you now have a chance
to drop a Lucky Raids Charm - tradeable
Both charms give a 4% permanent chance to double your key
when completing a raid



Weekend Bonus Bones
20% chance to drop an additional bone on kill.
Automatically activated on friday.

Holiday Drop Parties
POP Balloons, Catch pussies running around, and slay zombies

Every 500$ donated to the server will start the
Party after 1 minute notice!

Global Boss Buffs

Spawn Timer Reduced to 1 Hour
Several low tier items/boxes removed
Gacha Ticket Added to rare table
Inferno, Sacred, and Gold Vials added to drops
Global Xmas Box drops every kill now! Until End of January!

Scroll of Loot Shop

- 2% and 5% Permanant Raids Damage Scrolls added
for 30 and 75 points each. Bonuses added in both raids

- Dio pieces Prices Raised to 10 per piece

- Blood shard box prices lowered slightly

Progression Log Addition

Raids Category Renamed to Misc.
T18, T25, T40 Token Bosses Added to Misc.

Skills Tab Rearranged 
Helpful Buttons Added



Global Announcement on every Progression Log completion.

Combo Breaker Removed from Melee - 12% Base Melee Dmg Added instead

Can no longer afk leech raids. Must deal damage to 2 bosses atleast
and be in the last room when raids is over to receive rewards.

Improved Firewall Graphics performance for t40 Boss

Teleport option added to slot tickets 
10x slot option added Slot Machine!

T10 Blood Armors Removed from blood store
Im/pure Stones removed from upgrades

You can now Sacrifice Pets for Bloodshards (T1-16)

All requirements to attack t3-16 npcs removed

Over 700 Npc spawns added to all t1-29 zones

T40 Boss Drop Additions
Sacred Pet
10-50M Cash
Upgrade Tickets(3-10)
Sacred Vial(HQ)

::vote now gives 1 Easy Raid 1 Key!

New Gacha Jackpot: Death Glove
3 crit, 5 crit damage, 15% Damage

Special Master Prayer - special attack restore rate increased

Default ranged attack distance increased by 2

::upgrade interface armor tab re-arranged

::Upgrade Success Chance QOL BUFFS
Godly Potion 80% -> 95%
Divine cape i 85% -> 95%
t5 Aura 85% -> 100%
t7 Aura 80% -> 95%
t9 Aura 80% -> 95%
t12 Aura 80% -> 95%
T20 Aura 80% -> 90%
T11 Ring 80% -> 95%
T13 Ring 80% -> 95%
T15 Ring 80% -> 95%
T18 Ring 80% -> 92%
T25 Ring 80% -> 90%

T1-10 Rings removed from upgrades

Patrons renamed to Style

5 Mill cash added to starter inventory

Useless potions and foods removed from starter inventory and Shops

Slayer Helmet Tier Increased t7 -> t19
Helmet Effect: Increase max hit by 12%
Price increased: 500 -> 1000

T11 Ring Price from Pvm Store Reduced.
15,000 -> 3,000

T11 Ring Price Reduced from Slayer Store

2000 Points -> 1000 Points

::upgrade interface armor tab re-arranged

Several droprates buffed from t18 boss.

From Torva Staff Team