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Update #8 - Mid to End game fixed up

Sunday, 24 September 2023, Views: 3,899

Over the past 2-3 weeks you might of felt your voices fell on deaf ears, but we are firing up on all cylinders once more to deliver the best content we can offer! We hope this update proves it, and you we can start gaining your trust again. We have a lot planned and a lot of goodies for the future of Torva. 

Sacred Items now give points for sacrificing 

  1. Bright Gear 2 
  2. Points Samurai 3 
  3. Ice Viking 3 
  4. Dark Ether 4 
  5. Broken Chancellor 5

Sacred Shop has been added for those points 

Power Crystal - 20 Points

Time Keeper Tokens - 1 Point

Sacred Boss Token - 2 Points 

100m Blood Artifact - 30 points

Sacred Instance Token - 1 Point 

Infinity Crystal - 35 Points 

Upgrade tickets have been reduced to 1k Blood shards 

Big complaint that the grind for end game is too long. This should shorten it and get you to the new GS 440 Zone content we making soon quicker <3

Sacred Instance Tokens 

This will have 20 minutes of No Prayer removal per token used. 

Keys for Chancellor and Magma boss and in future Diety

Hourly Event for Double Keys for Chancellor and Magma 

Should double your keys during the hourly event, making end game move by a bit quicker !!!

Raids 1 and 2 Drops buffed more 

On average Raids 1 should give loots 1/40-60 per item. and 1/50 chance for completing a raid for Omega Pet Box not using a key.

On average Raids 2 Easy should give loots 1/100-1/120 per item, medium 1/40-1/60, and hard 1/25-1/30ish. Same with a 1/50 chance for Omega pet box per raid completion not key used.

Premium Membership compensation package

You will be able to claim via a ticket by providing your ign and if you donated for Premium membership during our timer issue. You will receive 10 Event tickets, 10 Sacred upgrade Tokens, and 50m Blood shards. 

Price reductions and additions on donation store 

Raid key 1 $5>$4 for one, but bundles of 10 for $30 have been added and 100 for $200

Raid Key 2 $25>$6 for one, but bundles of 10 for $50 have been added, and 100 for $400

Chancellor Keys have been added $2.50 Per

Magma keys have been added $2.75 Per

Bugs fixed 

-Treasure Map will now auto toggle help interface once again on new account creation(was disabled by accident due to GIM mode)

-More Magma Bugs fixed 

From Torva Staff Team