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Update #7 - GIM Released, Hourly Events, Buffed Keys.

Wednesday, 06 September 2023, Views: 2,790

GIM is released! Win $1000 in Cash prizes. And have fun with your friends

Hourly Events are here!

Double Bones Event

Double Sacred Minigame Points Event

25% Drop Rate Event

Double Keys Event for Raids

50% coin Increase Event

Raid 2 Keys have been buffed!

We have increased rewards for all Raid 2 Keys

Bug Fixes and changes

-Added Debugging for Timers

-Refunds have been upped to 3k a week

-Global Magma is now 30m for Solos, and 45m HP in duo, 60m HP with 3 people and etc

-GIM Global Raids have been fixed

From Torva Staff Team