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Update #5 - Donator Boss, Slayer Helm Rework, Suggestions Galore!

Sunday, 13 August 2023, Views: 1,845

Donation Boss - Coming within 24 hours

This will spawn every $500 Donated and provide awesome benefits! It has a higher chance of dropping lots of goodies like the grail <3 This was a suggestion added by players

Slayer Helmet Upgrades - Coming within 24 hours

We have added two new slayer helmets, with damage boosts, and drop rate with different benefits on and off task. You can buy recipes in the shop

Donation Refunds are here! - Coming within 24 hours

You can now verify your email to get your Donation Refunded via an NPC at home

Added Right Click to Prayer Altar to switch Prayers

Simple, but very needed for new players <3

Updated Recopies For Stinger Cape, Aura and Magnificent Cape and Aura

We have replaced it to require 200 and 300 bloodied artifacts :) Go grind those Sacred Bosses now!

New Blood benefits

Premium membership now gives 10% Extra for blooding items. Serenity and Eternal Donation Rank give 5% each for a 20% total max! More Blood Benefits might be coming soon with player feedback and reception

Suggestions Added

-Reduced Blood Shards needed for Upgrade tickets to 2.5k. Reduced 1.25k for Ironman

-Removed Giant Midas and Prince of Darkness and replaced with evil versions. Which require 2500 Kills of the normal boss to unlock

-Made Frost Armor Blood for 2m for Melee, 2.3m for Mage, 2.5m For Range. Brights will now blood for 5.5m, Vikings 6.75m, Samurai 8m, Dark Essence 10m. Sacred Armor 12.5m. Broken Chancellor 15m

-Added 6% DR to Stinger Ring and Amulet

-Added 7% DR to Magnificent Ring and Amulet

-Added ::supgrade for sacred upgrade shortcut

-You can now use both of the critical prayers together!!!

-::toggledrops will now stay off perm, even if you log off. It will not reset on each log out anymore

-Sacred Pet Drops now announce

-Perks have been updated to go from 35% DR Max for Drop rate perk to 20%. And Coin Increase from 100% Max to 50% Max. We will review this more in the coming week as we do a full perk revamp

Bugs Fixed

-Godly Modifier will now grant Raid Modifier drops so you can make a beyond Godly Modifier

-Fixed bugs regarding Set effects and needing to re-equip the item

-Double KC from Soul Task 12 will now work for Soul Tasks and AoE unlocks

-Eternal pet now works in R2 for the Skip

-Timers have now been addressed and fixed for Premium membership, Attendance, Vote Streak, and much more

-Fixed a ton of additional errors on the console that have been causing other small bugs, such as water set not being given

-Water set for starters is now given to inventory not automatically equipped

From Torva Staff Team