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Torva Update #4 - Legends Book, Requirments on Items, QoL

Sunday, 30 July 2023, Views: 1,662

Legends Book Update

This should help people progress end game content

Requirements added to all items

This should help new and old players know the requirements of all the item. You can hover any item in any interface to know stats.

Potions have been buffed to new stats

  1. Godly Potion Provides a 7% Damage 5% Drop Rate Boost
  2. Beyond Godly Potion Provides a 11% Damage 7% Drop rate Boost
  3. Multiverse Potion provides a 14% Damage and 9% Drop rate Boost
  4. Drop Rate Potion provides a 3% Drop Rate boost

Orbs have been buffed to new stats and effects to include Crit %

First Orbs = To 3% Damage in respective style

Tribird Orb = 5% Damage + 3% Crit + 6% crit Damage.

Orb of Fate = 6% Damage + 4% Crit + 8% Crit Damage.

Orb of Destiny = 7% Damage + 5% Crit + 10% Crit Damage.

Orb of Time = 8% Damage + 6% Crit + 11% Crit Damage.

Orb of Burning Ice = 10% Damage + 8% Crit + 14% Crit Damage.

Orb of Voided Light = 12% Damage + 10% Crit + 15% Crit Damage.

Soul Tasks active amount increased

Increased from base 4 to 5

Increased +1 for 4 Donator ranks. So Max 9

Premium Membership has 10

Bug Fixes and Suggestions

-Fixed a bug with Slayer Unlocks

-Fixed a nulling with cointo interface

-Fixed a null within raids 2

-Fixed a bug with membership token saying 0 days left when you claim

-Fixed aggro potion at home

-Fixed perfect keys from raids(Were giving other drops other then raids drops)

-2M EXP bones actually give 2M EXP now instead of 1M

-Removed starter keys from Globals Drop table

-Updated Token names to correct names without a Tier

-Buffed Relinquished aura to be a cosmetic

-Buffed Corrupted Vladimir to 3% DR and 3% Damage as a cosmetic

-Lowered Sacred Boss HP to 17.5m

-Very important. Drop rate now reflects on the drop rate interface to show your current drop rate

-PvM Points have been added to all NPC's with a base of 1 point as a minimum

-Lowered for AoE unlock Tier 4 the requirement to kill 1000 Sacred Bosses to 500

-Updated some examines of items to correctly reflect their effects

From Torva Staff Team