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Update #3 - Heros Book, New Blood All interface, Alchemy Interface update

Saturday, 22 July 2023, Views: 1,118

Welcome to another great Torva Update log! Where we deliver only the best content for our amazing community!!!

Hero's Book

A continuation to Adventurer book. Can be opened by ::hero after you finished your Adventurer book(Hero get it?? Heros quest haha) And yes after we get good reception on this new book we will make a ::legend book in a future update for end game.

Alchemy Interface Rework!

Now you can know all your wonderful recipes and ingredients you need for them with any item you try to brew in the Alchemy interface.

Blood All Interface

We now have a way to protect all your wonderful investments so you don't blood it by accident. ::bloodall will now open this interface and you can pick and choose. No more mistakes RIGHT???????

Other changes and Suggestions and Bug Fixes

-Raids 2 now only has a One Hard Raid Slayer Task requirement, no more weapon spam for a "T31" Weapon

-Vote Streak has been fully FIXED and tested

-Melee, Range, and Mage Prayers have been fixed. They were giving 60% Damage instead of 30%

-Bounce has been reworked and no more buggy GFX

-Hitboxes were reworked and needed for Magma boss and any other Big Boss content we have. Also fixes issues on all hitboxes for all NPC's big and small

-Wait time for Global Raids has been reduced to 10-15 Seconds. And Boss Spawns to 3-4 Seconds

-Hp For Globals has been increased to 50m HP

-Raid NPC options have been changed to Raid 1 and Raid 2 only to stop confusing people

-Raid 1 Final boss reworked a little bit

-Raid Hard slayer Rewards for Raid Keys has been fixed. For Raids 1 and 2

-Raid Easy Slayer now gives 2-8 points for completion

Thank you for your patience. More updates coming your way VERY VERY soon. Maybe even tomorrow? Thank you for being an amazing and supportive community. Much love to you all from the Torva Team.

From Torva Staff Team