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Torva Update #1 - Stuff we did for Launch

Tuesday, 18 July 2023, Views: 887

Torva Launch Day Content

First thing we added which is very impactful and new to Torva is ::souls

It also includes Soul Rewards which unlock permanent buffs to help you throughout Torva

Next thing new to Torva is our Slayer Interface and Slayer Unlock. We fully revamped and redid our Slayer system to be new, refreshing, and rewarding. Every step of the way from Early to End game.

Slayer Unlocks is below

A Brand New Home with support for lots of players. But Small enough to find everything you need quickly.

Removed Requirements or watered them down with soft locks instead of Hard locks.

Our goal was to make things simple and Now items all have Soul Task Requirements instead of the old confusing system. Equipping and using gear is much easier now. Easier to get. With an Easy to understand early game.

Revamped Early game from ground up

Our early game is all new NPC.s and things to obtain now

Support for ::adventurer which will lead you and explain Early Game Torva to you and provide Mid Game Gear rewards

Lots more content has been added which is not shown here, but shown on future update posts. A lot of bugs, issues and things are being fixed everyday. We put a lot of care and time and quality into everything we do as a Team on Torva. We stride to make Torva the most enjoyable Custom RSPS experience.

Play now and find out why Torva is right for you <3

From Torva Staff Team