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Update #9

Sunday, 22 May 2022, Views: 1,453

Biggest update we done to date


Our brand new Townhall system offers over 8 Tasks that refresh every 3 hours. You will be able to unlock and lock tasks you want to keep past this time frame.

You will also gain EXP and points based on the difficulty of the task.

This EXP can be used to level up Townhall Benefits

The points may be used for the Townhall Shop! Which is the start of all the Sacred items on Torva. Sacred as in our god Zaros! These new items will be themed around himand may be Cosmetic or gear. This is part of our T35+ expansion. A storyline and Armor to match that!

Benefits + Progression log Rewards

You will now get rewarded with important expansions to your account by progressing in the game and doing townhall tasks.

We didn't want Townhall to feel like a chore so everything is at your own pace since it does reset every 3 hours.

You may also complete all the progression logs on Torva at your own pace, with now additional rewards and benefits which are there forever!

Progression Logs 

1 - 3% Perm DR + 500 PvM Point Ticket

3 1% Mage Damage + 4x 500 PvM Point Ticket

5 1% Range Damage + $5 Bond

7 1% Melee Damage + 5x 500 PvM Point Ticket

10 2% Coin increase + 250m Cash

12 Get 1M extra cash on top in Global/Vote Boss + $10 Bond

15 5% Perm DR + 500m Cash

18 +2% Critical Chance + $10 Bond

20 +3% Critical Damage + $10 Bond

23 2% Melee Damage + 20x 500 PvM Point Tickets

25 4% Coin Increase + 1B Cash

28 2% Range Damage + $20 Bond

30 2% Mage Damage + 5 Perk Tickets

32 Get one free Townhall Reset per day + 1.5B Cash

35 10% Perm DR + 5 Perk Tickets

38 Have a 5% Chance to save an item when blood sacrifcing + $25 bond

40 Vote buff is buffed to 20% DR and 5% Damage + 2B Cash

42 +3% Critical Chance + Raid Flip

45 +5% Critical Damage + 3x Grand Flip

48 4% Range Damage + $30 bond50 4% Mage Damage + 2.5B Cash

52 4% Melee Damage + 5m Blood Shards

55 5% chance to save an item when Essence Sacrifcing + $40 Bond

58 3% Chance to loot Raid Chest Again + Omega Pet Box

60 Vote Buff is buffed to 30% DR and 10% Damage + 3B Cash


5 - Get 1 Extra Vote Point when claiming Runelocus

10 - Get Extra 2M Cash on top in Global/Vote boss

15 - Get 1 Extra Memberpoint for every $10 Bond you claim

20 - Free Reseting of Patron 25 - 5% chance to double your drop

30 - Range Patron buffed to 5% Attack Bonus and 15% Chance to fire an extra arrow

35 - Mage Patron buffed to 10% Bonus critical Chance and 15% Magic Attack

40 - Melee Patron buffed to 10% Melee Attack/str bonus + 40% Chance to regain 30% of health

45 - Free Reseting of Difficulty

50 - 5% chance to double your donation

55 - Get 1 Extra Vote Point when claiming TopG

60 - Townhall buff extended by 5 minutes

65 - 5% chance to Loot raid chest again

70 - 12% Coin Increase

75 - 6% Damage increase for Melee

80 - 6% Damage increase for Mage

85 - 6% Damage increase for Range

90 - 25% Drop Rate Increase

95 - Get Extra 4M Cash on top in Global/Vote boss(6m Extra total)

100 - Daily Townhall Care Package delivered to you after one task complete

Townhall Buff - Finish a task get a buff Easy 5 mins medium 7 hard 10 elite 12 master 15 +10% Coin increase, +5% Damage, +15% DR

Daily Townhall Care package contents 1 Townhall Task Reset 1 Hour of townhall Buff $1 Bond

Cannot have more then 1 Townhall Care package at a time. 1 is the limit

Townhall Shop Items

Sacred Range Armor- BiS Range Cosmetic - 10000 Points

Sacred Melee Armor - BiS Melee Cosmetic - 10000 Points

Sacred Mage Armor - BiS Mage Cosmetic - 10000 Points

Townhall 30% Drop Rate - 30000 Points

T25 Townhall Amulet 

Townhall Sacred book is a Holy Grail upgrades - Boosts stats by 5% from Holy Grail(I)

New name of Holy Grail will be - Sacred Grail

Townhall Sacred Amulet is a T25 amulet which will be used for end game amulet recipes its a 100% buy item for people farming townhall past the unlocks

Sacred Tops and Bottoms will offer a cosmetic bonus of 10% Drop rate per piece, and 5% damage in their respective style, Hides are 5% range damage, robes are 5% Mage, and Platebody/legs are 5% Melee The look of sacred items will be a purple texture, matching the Zaros/Torva theme of Zaros being the sacred God

New ::commands Interface

We never had this command now we do

New Pet Tab Interface

New Item Glows for Donation items and other Unique/Rare items

You will see us testing this with a few items as our first test run before the full roll out

Major Bug Fixes with before and after examples

NPC Facing Fixed

Height Issue Fixed

GFX issues for all NPCS fixed

Tearing in floors cause of height/GFX issues- Would make raids harder then it was due to the issues

Full Control System Redone - Old System would confuse players showing wrong stats or bugging out. Now its clear and working 100%

New Raid 1 Map fully redone to better handle the professionalism of the future of Torva

All Instance Bugs are fixed! We have fully reworked instancing from the ground up and should be flawless now. Any other ideas let us know

Treasure Map a brand new way for new players to progress

Get over $50 in donation rewards when you get 250 GS and do some tasks

Blood Arena a brand new way to help with T16-20 Progression by making it T18 mini-game with 1200 GS requirement 

You will fight Waves 1-25 During this mini game with a object for wave 24-25 to help clear the impossible wave giving 9 seconds of invulnerability 

QOL Changes

-Added ::well and ::pwell commands to open up Well and personal well

-Added messages to know what loot you get from opening chests and other items now

-Slayer Gem was fully reworked and now given for free. Should help you do tasks so easily now

-Admins were given a ton more of new commands to help players better and deal with issues more effectively

Bug Fixes

-Small bug fix with Raids NPC Difficulty, it won't double their HP anymore for none of the NPC's

-New ::guide command to compensate for people not typing ::guides

-Fixed any issues that ever prevented people from opening ::vote and other commands linking to a URL

-Fixed Vote chest bug pretending to open but it never does 

From Torva Staff Team