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Update #14 - T40 Expansion

Sunday, 04 September 2022, Views: 2,820

Update is here..... FINALLY THE WAIT IS OVER.

T40 is out boys. Lets get grinding and reach the new end game. But the new end game isn't the key here. We made a super fun mini-game, Made useless things useful. And fixed so many bugs and listened to a lot of feedback/suggestions.

T36-39 Zones Unlocked!

100 Raids 2 Requirement in super unique maps. Both maps are Good and Evil and split into two. Fun to enjoy and train there all made by Cyber

T36- Bright Light - 100 Raids 2 Requirement

T37 - Blood Samurai- 100 Raids 2 Requirement + 5 Sacred Sacrifices

T38 - Ice Viking - 100 Raids 2 Requirement + 10 Sacred Sacrifices

T39 - Eternal Darkness - 100 Raids 2 Requirement + 25 Sacred Sacrifices

New T36+ Upgrading System

Lots of new upgrades to obtain. Harder and more challenging Recipes. Lets get to the new end game lads!

Upgrades are as follows

T40 Weapons - Require a T35 Weapon + 500 Sacred Essence + 100k Upgrade Tickets(100B)

T40 Offhands - Require a T35 Offhand + 500 Sacred Essence + 100k Upgrade tickets(100B)

T40 Armor - Requires a T35 Armor Shard + 400 Sacred Essence + 80k Upgrade Tickets(80B)

T38 Aura

T38 Cape

T41 Aura

T41 Cape

T37 Ring

T37 Necklace

T40 Ring

T40 Necklace

New Upgrade Ticket(u) and Upgrade Ticket

You will now need a brand new Upgrade Ticket only obtainable from T36+ Zones which you can charge for 1m coins per ticket. The upgrades start at 50k tickets on the new upgrading system. When I said not to worry about cash..... This is what I meant. No more cash drops past T36

New Sacred Essence Sacrifice

New type of Essence/Point which will have a shop same as the Blood pool, and Essence pool. Sacred Essence will be useful till T50 upgrades

New Minigame - Sacred Minigame

People can finally have a fun minigame to do with their friends on Torva now. With a minimum of 5 players needed this will help propel growth on Torva and more community interaction.

During the boss fight people will be placed into their own GS tiers to defend the Altar from. They will be forced to kill that individual boss and the mass of minions appearing.

1000-2000 GS is for the 1st boss - If no one with this GS it will auto turn into a harder Boss with whatever GS group has most people.

2000-3000 GS is for the 2nd Boss - Same thing happens 

3000-4000 GS is for the 3rd Boss - Same thing happens

4000+ GS is for the 4th Boss - Same thing happens

To win the minigame you must fill your Altar to 100% by killing the 4 bosses and killing their minions. Each minion you miss the Altar loses 1%. For each one you kill you get 1%. This minigame requires team work and coordination. It is also very fun and rewarding.

The twist is that during the Minigame you may find a purple flower planted by the Sacred god himself(Zaros) Where only one person may pick it.... Upon picking it there is a 50% Chance you will get a buff or a negative for the game. This helps create quicker clears, or just a fun inconvenience for your friends.

Sacred Minigame Rewards

The rewards for this minigame benefit an early gamer as much as an end gamer, so there is always a reason to do it!

Buffs are now visible for you to press on to learn more or hide

Every single buff you can obtain in the game and duration of it will now show up. Keeping you more informed of what buffs you should get to gain what boosts in the future.

New Bone Crusher system - 100-150 Prayer Training

You finally have a use for those bones you kept in your inventory! We had to redo the whole EXP formulation and the EXP leading up to level 150. You will need 1 Billion EXP to get to 150. Each Elite Bone is 1000 EXP or a Hard bone at 600 EXP. You do the math <3

Sacred Prayers - Level 100-150

We have just added a ton of new prayer's, expanding the world of Torva even more. The new Prayers are made with the help of the Sacred god, not using his Ancient prayers no more, but his new Sacred knowledge he gained.

Sword Hitter - 30% Melee Damage Boost

Ranger Danger - 30% Range Damage Boost

Mager Danger - 30% Mage Damage Boost

Damage reducer - Reduces Damage by 10%

Raid Chancer - Chance to save a key +1%

Raid Damage - 10% Extra damage in raids only!

Range Protector - Buffed Soulsplit + Range Overhead

Mage Protector - Buffed Soulsplit + Mage Overhead

Melee Protector - Buffed Soulsplit + Melee Overhead

Critical Striker - Increase Crit Chance by 4%

Critical DAMAGE - Increases Crit Damage by 8%

Specials Master - Restores Special attack 2x as fast

Elite Bones + Starter Bones

Elite bones now drop from T32+ Mobs and 10 Starter bones which are un-tradable and give 1m EXP each have been added to help new players with the massive EXP difference now of old bones and new bones.

New Solo Boss T40

This boss has some mechanics and is actually hard. Make sure every time you use your token your ready for a challenge. Great drops and has upgrades you need and upgrade material.

Set Bonuses for Raid Weapons and offhands

More Set bonuses coming in the future. We are starting with Raids weapons and offhands as those are hardest to obtain

Set Bonuses for Raid Armors

More Set bonuses coming in the future. We are starting with Raids armors as those are hardest to obtain

Raids Drops Rework

Only Keys are now dropped from Raids 1 and 2. The perk has been reworked and anything that boosts Raid Drop rate is now replaced with a chance to save keys %. Raid Keys also now give raid completions and are tradable.

New Deals of the Day

$500-2500 Deals have been added. It has also been made so you get the deal for whatever that day is, then it refreshes one to any random one if you press refresh. One use per day

New Progression Logs for Raids and Sacred Bosses

Added the Raids by popular demand from the community with some super nutty rewards. Sacred Boss rewards are juicy too don't worry.

New $25000 Rank

As people are nearing $25000 Total donated, we have decided to make a new $25000 Rank. This will have more features in the future as we work on expanding Donation ranks

New T18 Items as upgrades from T16

You can now Upgrade Guren T16 into a T18 Guren MK.2 Piece. You may do that with the other T16 gear as well. This should also help new players A TON. Especially helps iron man.

New Custom Tickets for Armor. Weapon, and Pet

You can now buy Custom Tickets from the ::deals interface via deals credit but at 2.5-3x the price it will be on the Store. These tickets can then be traded in for a Custom item

Defense Rework

All defense now adds up and gives a Damage reduction %. 10% from the new prayers and 25% by getting 5m def stat bonus. It will also go up by every 1m by 1% only. This will now make getting Defense useful and higher gear upgrades.

Expansion to Hover to add support for Crit, Crit Damage, and Drop rate

Suggestions Added

  1. Server Wide Announcements when someone completes a progression log
  2. All T35 Armor converts into shards to make the new Hybrid T40 Set
  3. All Raids 2 Townhall tasks now require a 1 Raids 2 Completion to start getting in Town Hall
  4. Added and reworked a HP and Lifesteal perk. Might be coming soon
  5. ::commands tab has been updated with lots more commands
  6. Raid Loot Extra % has been added to player tab
  7. Golden Tornado upgrade has finally been added to the upgrade interface
  8. Progression Logs now show all of the Progression you ever obtained via that NPC

Bugs Fixed

  1. Fixed a Raids 1 Safe spot Bug using an item
  2. Update Command has been fixed and works properly now
  3. Fixed a Bug with spam clicking an npc for mark application
  4. Fixed all Raids 2 Bugs
  5. Reworked how Instancing works on Torva from the ground up
  6. Fixed the Instance interface because it was showing content and features we didn't release yet like choosing how many NPC's you want in an instance
  7. Specials now work with T35+ Weapons with no issues

From Torva Staff Team