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Update #11 - The Feedback

Wednesday, 06 July 2022, Views: 1,385

This was an update we whipped up by listening to players every single day in-game and on Discord. We listened to your troubles or concerns and wanted to make things much much better for everyone! We are always looking to make Torva the best game possible for you all. Thank you for the massive support already and we hope you keep supporting us.

Lowered Drop rate for T11-16

T16 from 1850 to 1350

T15 from 1500 to 1150

T14 from 1275 to 1050

T13 from 1125 to 950

T12 from 980 to 850

T11 from 880 to 750

Added all the NPC's from T21-24 and T26-29 to instances and Giant PoD and Midas

::Bloodall Command and Transfuse All on interface with warning has been added

A 100% Drop system has been added for T13-16 for 1 Drop at 500 kills

Starter Boss, T18 Boss, T25 Boss Tokens are now do-able constantly as long as you have tokens. You will not be teleported out

We have redone Attack speed for all tiers.

T1-10 is now 5 Tick speed. T11-20 is now 4 Tick, T21-30 is now 3 Tick, T31+ is now 2 Tick.

Suggestions added

We have created a proper ignore system to ignore those annoying you in-game!

We have made a Ironman/Normal account distinction for drops, so Ironman can loot their things if they got the kill and they had a full inventory

Burning Light was actually added to the game and is now in the global boss point shop as well

AFK Buff Crystals are now stacking inside the inventory

AoE will now prioritize what your fighting

::donate will now also open the ::deals interface to show people what we offer!

Added to the right click option of specials what it can be attached to

Added to examine options of specials what they do

Added an All from inventory button to trade

Raid requirement is now 10 for T21-22

Combat specials will now only target valid targets not like pets or anything

Added proper dialogue to knowledge NPC and tells you how to use modifiers and to open guide

Donation NPC has been updated with more information. Especially when you open member point shop now

Reworked special attaching and de-attaching where it will cost 100m to de-attach a special now

Bug Fixes

Melee Patron actually heals now as said on the patron effect

::update was fixed correctly

Skelly now gives T13 PvM point rewards

Fixed Townhall from going negative time

Fixed some items from giving the error and making you invisible

From Torva Staff Team