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🎁Christmas Event & Super Rewards!🎁

Friday, 01 December 2023, Views: 1,313

🎄Torva's New Christmas Event is Here! Presents and Spinners and Boxes!🎄
So many FREE rewards to Earn and Progress fast!




Every 30 minutes Angry Santa will spawn and trigger the Christmas Event!
After killed, waves of presents will spawn all over the map.
Dropping Christmas Candies that Open the Free Xmas Spinner.

Just Collect 10 Christmas Candies and Start Spinning!




Santa Hat
Lava Santa Hat
Black Santa Hat
Reaper Santa (Transfigure)
Angry Santa Pet

Extra Rare Drops Can Be Blooded



Combine Santa/Lava/Black Santa Hat in inventory to create the 
Ultimate Christmas Hat (Cosmetic)

BONUSES: 2% Droprate + 2% Crit Chance




New Paid Version of the Xmas Spinner that drops new armor
that bypasses all equip requirements
Will be purchasable on our Store


Omega Pet Box
4x Raid Keys(Hard)
2x Ice Raid Keys
10M Blood Shards
5 Gacha Tickets
5 Bill Cash

~Very Rare~
Raids 1 Perfect Weapon Key
Raids 1 Perfect Armor Key
Raids 2 Perfect Weapon Key
Raids 2 Perfect Armor Key
Holy Essence
Evil Essence

Ungodly Helm
Ungodly Body

Ungodly Legs
Ungodly Gloves
Ungodly Boots
Ungodly Wings

GS 420 Tradeable Gear that Bypasses All Equipment Requires
Equip at Any Stage of Progress





What is the future like for Torva? I want to start by saying that there is so much
potential here. With poor management its cost a great game a chance to be played by many.

With the Xmas event out we plan to improve advertising and start spending!

Future Update Plans

A Live Beta Release of Runelite with HD117

4 new custom zones possibly split into 2 updates
with many new sets, upgrades, tasks, and challenges to do

A potential new God of Light Token boss for the high Gearscore/tier of 450+
With simple and creative/unique custom mechanics that are fun, not challenging

A potential new raid in the Gearscore/tier 500+ range

A potential Name and Theme Rebrand
This would not be a relaunch, just new more appropriate theme to the game design
This is still in early stages but would be discussed on discord/in-game sometime soon!
The Benefit will be New Eyes on the Game maybe Easier Relatability



Vote Boss Progress Log item fix
Correct requirements on new zones fix
Bloodied artifact sacrifice price fix
Perk Reset levels fixed
Further improvements on Sky Diety
Nightmare Slayer unlock fixed

From Torva Staff Team